How to fix beauty eye problems

Dark circles and puffy eye bags are the bane of many women’s existence. Waking up to find dark circles or puffy eyes is something that can ruin a woman’s mood in the morning. So how do you solve this beauty nightmare, or at least, lessen it? The following tips will show you how:

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Tip #1: Get enough rest

The most common cause of dark circles and puffy eye bags is lack of sleep. Giving your peepers enough rest will show a lot of improvements the following day. Talk about a quick fix!  So get good old regular shuteye and you will see positive changes to your eyes that no beauty product can ever match.

organic skincare shop on budget makati philippines manilaTip #2: Stick to a healthy diet

Your diet can cause you to have dark circles or extra puffiness. Switch your afternoon junk foods for better food you can snack on such as carrots and fruits. There are tons of delicious and healthy fruits out there wherever you live. Also, the lack of essential proteins and B-vitamins might be another cause so stock up on quality meats and cheese! Last but not least, watch your salt intake.

A lot of salt causes your body to retain more water. Isn’t water a good thing, you might ask? Not when water is retained around your eyes which can cause them to look puffy. Lessen the salt in your body and drink more water.

“Wait, wait, how does drinking more water cause us to remove excess water?” you might also ask. Drinking more water flushes out salt and toxins from our body and these are the real culprits that cause us to retain water in unwanted areas.

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Tip #3: Cucumbers and Tea-bags!

One of the cheapest and most effective techniques to rid yourself of  puffy eye bags is putting used teabags or cucumbers over your eyes for a period of time. These methods help as black tea and cucumbers contain chemicals that soothe away puffiness. Common black tea will do the trick.

Steps: Dip the teabags in water and leave them in the freezer until frozen. Remove the teabags from the freezer and place one teabag on each eye. You might want to play some relaxing music while you do this. Lie down with the bags on closed eyes for about 15 minutes – imagine you’re receiving luxury service from some fancy spa and let your whole body relax to enjoy the moment.

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Tip #4: Eye Cream is a must

Quality eye creams are essential to fix eye beauty problems from fine lines to dark circles and puffiness. Most of these creams are used every morning before you apply your makeup and every night before going to bed. Eye creams help moisturize and refresh tired eyes, lessening the chance of having wrinkles and puffiness. Read the labels as not all eye creams are the same. Find one that is specifically created to match your eye beauty problem.

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There is not just one specific cure to get rid of dark circles, wrinkles or puffy eye bags. It takes time and perseverance in applying these tips that will make an overall improvement in appearance. And, if a quick solution is what you need, a good concealer can definitely hide those unsightly dark circles!

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